The perks of camping life

We have been living our live at a campground for over 4 months now. And yes, to answer the big question; we still really enjoy it! Some people find it hard to believe, therefore I will elaborate on the perks of camping life.
Let’s start with housekeeping… If I’d spend 30 minutes cleaning Tiny, it would look brand new. When I feel like cleaning, it only takes 15 minutes and as soon as I’m getting into it, there is just no more house to clean.
Next, our finances. I won’t tell you a lot about our bills, but let’s just say it’s definitely an advantage to live on a campground. This has even been one of the reasons we moved Tiny to the campground in the first place, since it allows us to save more money for our trip.
Living at a campground truly gives us a holiday feeling. The campground we are currently situated at, has an outdoor pool which was still open in September. After a long day at work there was nothing more pleasant than to put on our bathing suit and dive in. The water was freezing, so we usually left the pool after a short swim, but it was nice and refreshing. When after our swim we laid out in the sun with a good book, we felt like it was still summer vacation!
When the days were too cold or we didn’t feel like swimming, we put up our hammock and enjoyed our good book there. At the moment it’s quite cold and often rainy, which makes us cuddle up under a blanket and just watch one of our favourite shows on Netflix. We pile all our pillows on the bed and turn it into a warm and comfortable couch. For Christmas we’ve even put up decorations and lights!
To upgrade our living space, we’ve attached a tent to Tiny. Although it’s a little too cold now, we’ve turned it into a nice living area. We’ve put in a little couch and sofa, a rug on the floor and some lighting. It really feels like a cosy little home.
‘Camping life’ , we are loving it!

Since it’s not only been sunshine and rainbows, I will end this blog with some less enjoyable aspects of living in Tiny. I’ve just finished doing our dishes. You would think doing dishes isn’t much of a hassle… and I even used to enjoy doing the dishes at a campground… but believe me… that’s over. The washing facility at the campground doesn’t have a warm water tap, so we can’t take our dishes to a decent sink. That means we are doing our dishes in Tiny, but the sink is about half the size of our plates. We have been doing the dishes in a bucket outside, but this means boiling water in our 1L water cooker (3 times before the bucket is full)… Finishing the dishes then leaves us with a soaked towel. This brings us to another disadvantage: things take forever to dry! In our tiny space, the air gets pretty humid and so does everything in it. Putting on a damp sweater in the morning isn’t the best way to start the day.
Last but not least: our ‘Porta Potti’. Tiny has got a portable toilet, but we haven’t been using it much. Mainly because emptying it all the time is not our favourite thing to do. So whenever we need to go to the toilet, we have a 100m walk. Fun in the sun, but not so much in the rain or when it’s cold.

To make a long story short, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. However, to make sure we can keep enjoying camping life, we kindly ask the winter to treat us gently.