About us

Hi there, welcome to our travel blog! On this website you can find out anything about us and our dream. Now, let’s first introduce ourselves.

Tamara & Nienke

Ever since we were kids, both of us wanted to travel the world and see different places. Our parents took us through Europe, but that wasn’t enough! So as teenagers, we packed our bags and jumped on a plane: Tamara went to study in Sweden and Nienke went to do voluntary work in Romania.

We met in the summer of 2008 when we were volunteering as camp counselors. It was only 5 years later, in the spring of 2013, that we became friends. This was the year that we were both having some issues with ourselves and that we needed someone to confide in. It was then when we found each other and started to share a perfect dream.

The places we’ve been

Apart from each other, we’ve travelled around a lot. Tamara has seen big parts of the USA and Sweden and she travelled through Indonesia, India, Nepal, Tibet, China, Peru and most of Europe. Nienke has been in Canada, the USA, Russia, Mongolia, China and most of Northern Europe. Together though, we crossed many more parts of the world.

Our first trip in 2015 was to Madrid in Spain, to visit a friend of Tamara. That same year we went to Norway, which we loved very much. In 2016 we returned to Madrid, although this time we were hitchhiking from Barcelona. Afterwards, we also spent some days in Paris and hitchhiked back home. Later that year, we drove around Romania and to finish up, we spent New Year’s in Colorado. That made a pretty great start of an even more awesome 2017, in which we went skiing in Austria and drove all the way to the North Cape and back (through Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark). This year we started with some great snow in Switzerland and we’re planning to go to Italy in the summer.

But… Our big dream awaits in 2019!

The dream

Our entire lives we’ve been dreaming about leaving The Netherlands. We both have always proclaimed that we would rather live in a place where there are less people and less stress and where there are mountains, lakes and forests surrounding us. We’re not the kind of people who want to reach for the top, we just want to enjoy the many great things the world has to offer.

When we’re together, we spend a lot of time talking about the life we want to live in the future. We would love to work with children, which we’ve already been doing for many years now too. However, we would really like to be able to help children in developing countries, since they also deserve better education and higher life standards like we have in The Netherlands. Moreover, we want to be in a place where people are working together to achieve something, instead of being in a country where we’re all competing in a battle to be the best at what you do and the most popular in your class.

At some point we decided to travel around the world for a while, to find a place where we feel at home. We’ve been having good feelings about South America or Asia, but you never know how you’ll feel until you’re really there, so we’re just gonna see where we’ll end up. Right now we’re planning to drive all the way to South Asia and sleep in our mobile home or with families we meet along the way. We might also stay longer in places where we can work for a while, so we’ll be able to continue our journey.

Two teachers on tour, trying to find their destination.

Will you be joining on our search?