Settling in during corona

First, we have to apologise for the missing blog last week. So far, we’ve always written a new blog each Thursday (or sometimes Friday), but last week we just couldn’t. We had wanted to show you our new home, so we’ll do that in this blog!

As the corona rules have been considerably tightened, this is probably going to be quite a boring autumn for us. We also have to get used to the cold and rainy days here; we didn’t have that last year (in Greece and Turkey) at all. However, we like to go on long walks with Sparta and we don’t mind to cuddle up on the couch to watch Netflix a little more. Moreover, we will both start working again soon! Nienke has found a position as a biology teacher for three days per week, starting in two weeks. Tamara has already started working on Tuesdays and will probably work on a school near our home soon too.

So, after one and a half month in the Netherlands, we are finally settling in. We will lay low for the next five months and we still have hope to leave again in April.

2 thoughts on “Settling in during corona”

  1. Wat hebben jullie een mazzel met zo’n leuk huisje. Geniet er maar even van en dan op naar april om weer lekker op rak te gaan.
    Lieve groetjes.

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