Finding our new life

When we came back to The Netherlands, we decided to stay for approximately seven months. We didn’t want to live on a campground again, like we did before we left in 2019: with Sparta, we want to have more room and warmth during the winter. Also, we both had to find a job, because houses here are pretty expensive and – of course – we didn’t want to spend all our travel money on it. All in all, we’ve had plenty of things to do!

First of all, we had to go to a mechanic for Tiny’s yearly check-up. We noticed that having only one car isn’t great for us, so we immediately went looking for another car. Tiny’s little brother is a Peugeot 206 and he’s silver as well. We’ve called him Big. Next, we had to register ourselves somewhere. Nienke’s sister offered to help us with that, because we still had to find our own place to live. Fortunately, it all went very smooth!

Meanwhile, we’ve been searching for a job. We don’t want to work full-time, because we have someone to care for now. One of us has to stay home for Sparta, so we’ll both work two or three days. For Tamara, finding something wasn’t very difficult, because there’s a huge lack of primary school teachers here. So far, she already worked 8 days. Nienke has two job interviews coming up, so that’s  probably going to be fine too.

Thanks to our Facebook contacts, finding a place to live was quite easy. A friend of the sister of an aunt has a little house next to her big house, which we can rent for 6 months. We went to check it out and told her right away that we were very excited to move in. It’s located North of Den Bosch, in between farms and farmland and close to a big river (the Maas). Our host has chicken, sheep and a pig and there are plenty of apple trees around the house. The house itself is small, but cosy: we have a modern kitchen, a toilet and a shower, a living room with many windows and a big attic with a double bed. We love it!

Now we are slowly settling in, we hope we can finally get some rest. From living on the road to living on different parkings in our rainy homecountry is quite a weird transition. Frankly, we don’t like it at all! Hopefully, we will get used to our new home soon and probably, we will like being back much better then.

(Next week, we’ll make a video of our house!)


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