The reasons why

We are back in The Netherlands! That means that we already drove through a big part of the country to see many friends and both our families. Also, we took Tiny to the mechanic for a check-up: he got his APK/TUV! We have to get two (quite big) things fixed in the next couple of months, but other than that he is still perfect.

So, about why we came back. It certainly wasn’t easy to make the decision to end our trip, but once we had decided, we felt relieved. In spring, we had been stuck in Georgia, which was actually not that bad at all. Georgia is a beautiful country and we were able to visit all the sites we wanted to see. Still, we didn’t like the fact that making new plans was impossible, as things around corona changed every day.

Once it was clear that only the border to Turkey – and definitely not the one to Azerbaijan or Russia – would open, we decided to leave Georgia. We were hoping to be able to cross the border to Iran, but it became clear that this wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. We worked on a farm for one week, but we wanted to know what was next. It was then that we decided to go back to Europe, if we could.

We have to tell you that we really LOVE Turkey, though. Staying there for another few months would have been great, if we weren’t hoping to continue our journey to the East. It felt like we would have had to wait it out, without anything to do. If you are waiting, even the prettiest place would get boring at some point. Working in Turkey as English teachers would also have been an option, but the wages in Turkey are very low. So, we figured that while we were waiting anyway, we could also drive back to The Netherlands!

Going back seemed like the best option: we would see all of our friends and families again and we could try to find a temporary job and a place to stay. However, we had a problem: if we would take Sparta to Europe, we needed the right documents for him. That would mean that we needed to get another rabies vaccination and redo the test (the one that wasn’t good enough when we did it in Tbilisi). Because this test is quite expensive and because other travellers had told us that they don’t even check it at the border, we decided to just try to cross the border without the test. If they wouldn’t let us through, we could always do the test again after all.

Just to say it again; it was a very difficult decision to pause our trip for a while. We had planned to be on the road for two or three years, but only one year had passed. For us, this is therefore just a temporary solution to this situation we found ourselves in. It’s not the end of our journey, it’s only a short break. A couple of months in which we will settle down, spend time with our loved ones, find a job, a house and earn some money to live from. Then, in spring, we will hopefully return to our travelling way of life and continue our trip. In the meantime: will we see you in The Netherlands?

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