The Western coast of Turkey

Driving, driving, driving… We did a lot of it! Even though we don’t like to be in the car so much, we wanted to go to the coast, where we could cool down in the sea. We have started to love Turkey, but being here in the middle of summer is a little too warm for us!

Finding a place to sleep in this season is not easy either. Many spots on Park4Night aren’t available anymore and other places are full of locals. Still, we found a nice bay with a pretty boulevard, where we could park close to the sea. Sparta played with some stray dogs and Nienke went running along the beach. Lovely!

Then, we went to Çanakkale, one of the most famous places in Turkey. During WWI, this was the location of a great battle between England, France and the Turks. Because the (much smaller) Turkish army could stand her ground for a long time until she fell, it was an important moment in Turkish history. After this huge battle, the Ottoman empire crumbled down and Turkey became independent.

We first visited the city of Çanakkale itself, with its long boulevard and modern city center. As food in Turkey is very cheap, we hardly ever cook ourselves and we enjoyed lunch in one of the small streets. Next, we went back to the car and got onto the ferry to the peninsula across the water. It was the first time on this trip that Tiny was on a boat! We loved it. Next to one of the little cafes on the coast, we found a place to spend the night. If it wasn’t for corona, this part of Turkey had probably been filled with international tourists, but now there were only some Turkish tourists. And us, of course!

The next day, we explored the peninsula. Whereas other parts of the Turkish coast are very crowded with resorts and restaurants, this part was very quiet. We saw sunflowers all around us and every now and then, there was a war cemetery or a monument. During the war, 22.000 soldiers died here. Although many of them are unknown, they are all honored on the numerous cemeteries. All in all, we learnt a lot about the battle of 1915, which we both found very interesting.

After this long day of driving and visiting monuments, we were happy to find a great place to sleep. We parked the car on top of the rocks, with a lighthouse at the end. Below us, there was a small beach with the most beautiful water we had seen in a long time. Some people were already there, but this spot was so amazing that we climbed down anyway. Compared to the sea in the South, where the water was warm, this part of the sea was freezing cold! What a relief, after so many hot days.

Now the question is, what do we do next? For now, we’ll just stay here for a while, to think about our next destination. Please let us know if you have any tips!

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  1. Dag, als ik jullie was zou ik via Alexandropoli (GR) naar Chaldiki gaan en daar de 2 schiereilanden bezoeken, mooi met voldoende plekken om te overnachten.
    Daarna is de Peleponesos een aanrader. Grtjs, Jelle

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