What’s next?

A question we ask ourselves almost weekly. If it wasn’t for Corona, we would have been in Kirgistan by now. But we are not, we are actually driving in the opposite direction.

So, what’s next I hear you think. Well, we wish we knew! There really aren’t many options at the moment. Our car was only allowed in Georgia until September, so we couldn’t stay there for much longer. Georgia has many bordering countries (Armenia, Azerbeidzjan, Russia and Turkey) but because of Corona, Turkey was the only country we could enter. So we did, since we really enjoyed our previous months in Turkey. There is still a big part of Turkey that we haven’t seen yet, thus, this seemed like the best option for us now.

We are now in a part of the country called Anatolia, in the South East. It’s very different than what we have seen before. We love being back in Turkey! There are very good roads, delicious foods and friendly and welcoming people.

At the moment, we are doing a Workaway close to a city called Dogubayazit. We’re working at a huge cow farm. It’s the biggest in the South East and it’s working according to EU standards. We get up pretty early in the morning and start the day with some weeding. The farm has a big vegetable garden, but it’s really overgrown. We usually work for 2 to 3 hours and then we enjoy a warm lunch, cooked by the staff. After lunch, we relax, go for a walk, look around on the farm and sometimes water some of the fruit trees. It’s over 30 degrees every day, so it’s usually too hot to work during the afternoon.

At night, we help feeding the calves, definitely our favourite job here! There are about 40 of them. The older ones drink from a bottle themselves, but we feed the younger ones by hand. So cute! Every day, we look forward to this moment! A couple of days ago we witnessed a new calf being born, this was very special.

We will leave this place on Saturday and explore the South East of the country a little more. After that, we will slowly drive up to Antalya to meet some of the people we met 8 months ago and to (hopefully) get the radiator fixed. After that, it’s really all still up in the air. We only have a 3-month visa for Turkey, so we need to think about our next destination, but Corona makes that almost impossible. We could try to go back into Europe, but because of some Dutch ‘car rules’, this is a very tough thing to do. Besides, Sparta’s test results really weren’t sufficient. Another option would be to go back into Georgia, but with a mandatory, very expensive quarantine and us having seen most of the country, this doesn’t sound very appealing. So, to be honest, we can’t really answer the question of what’s next. We will just wait and see and live in the moment.

One thought on “What’s next?”

  1. a single open boarder is one more than we had, but we definitely understand your situation. if you decide to ship back your car, let us know, we might help you with it. but it seems like even in europe travelling won’t be very easy the next months… good luck!
    ps: had a big repair on our cooling system ad the breaks, so now we don’t loose any water anymore 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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