One year on the road

We have been on the road for exactly one year! Last year, on July 15, we left The Netherlands for our live-changing trip to the far East. Because of corona we have only come this far; to Georgia. According to our plans, we should have been in Kirgistan by now, but as you know, that is impossible at the moment. However, we are happy that things turned out this way, because we have met many great new friends during our stay in this country.

During the 12 months that we have been moving from place to place, we have tried to spend as little money as possible. Our plans were to stay on the road for two to three years, so we had to save money to be able to do that. We keep track of our costs every day and we put them in the computer every month. Because of our travel-versary, we made a colourful chart to get a good view on the money we’ve spent.

Some of you might be surprised; we are actually quite surprised too. When we lived in The Netherlands, our monthly costs were much higher. Here, we spend much less money on housing (as we are sleeping in our own van and in nature) and on diesel (as it is much cheaper). Also, our health insurance is half the price and we don’t have to do groceries when we are doing a Workaway.

Another benefit of working half the year (in 2019) and travelling the other half, is that we got a lot of tax back. Because our yearly income was much less than calculated, the tax on our income was lower and we received a nice surprise in May. All in all, this means that we’ve had a very cheap year! Who says travelling is expensive?!

Yesterday, we said goodbye to some of the new friends we made here in Georgia. If it wasn’t for corona, we would have never met them. Even though things have gone differently from what we had expected and we’ve had some difficult moments, we are grateful. Georgia is a beautiful country; we have seen almost all parts of it. It has mountains, beaches, lakes, wild nature, fresh fruits and veggies, both extremely high and low temperatures and of course: friendly people.

It’s almost time for us to leave. Right now, we are driving back from the last part of the country that we wanted to visit: Svaneti. We spent time with our friends, hiked up the mountains and played with a lot of (stray) dogs. Because we have to pick up the results from Sparta’s rabies test, we have to go back to Tbilisi one more time. After that, it’s really time to go: we will go back to Turkey. We have no idea what we’ll do the next couple of months, as all the other land borders are still closed. We’ll figure it out as we go!

2 thoughts on “One year on the road”

  1. Wauw! Dat hebben jullie echt mooi gedaan qua budget! Mooie inspiratie zeg. Wat een thuis moet dat ook zijn voor jullie, de bus. Er komen vast weer mooie avonturen aan! Geniet 🙂

  2. Hey Tamara en Nienke, erg leuk om jullie verhalen te lezen en jullie op die manier te kunnen volgen. In Antalya ken ik iemand die jullie mogelijk kan helpen met Tiny en de radiateur. Stuur mij maar een berichtje als je meer wilt weten.

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