Driving from the sea to Svaneti

Oh what a great feeling when you find out that your radiator is leaking, AGAIN! All our coolant was gone on Friday morning, so we decided to go straight to the mechanic. The nearest Tegeta Motors was in Kutaisi, only an hour away. However, the mechanic who could work with our car (Peugeot isn’t common here in Georgia) wasn’t available until Monday. We therefore continued driving to Tegeta in Batumi, where we had a good experience in January. Unfortunately, they also didn’t have time before Monday, so we spent the weekend on the beach. Not bad at all!

Of course, on the exact moment that the mechanic checked our radiator, it wasn’t leaking. He also hadn’t been able to find us a new radiator, so all we could do was continue driving until it started leaking again. We thus drove up North, towards the last part of Georgia that we still wanted to visit: Svaneti. On the way, we saw a huge forest fire. It’s so sad to see so many trees burning!

Right now, we are close to Mestia, a well-known town in Svaneti. It’s beautiful here! As you might expect, the radiator has started leaking again, so we have to check the coolant level every time we want to leave. But, we will not let it get us down! Once we get back from the mountains, we’ll go to the mechanic again. Now, we will first hike up to one of the glaciers here!


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