Exploring new parts of Georgia

After we had left our apartment in Tbilisi last week, we went to see The Chronicle of Georgia. It’s a huge monument on the Tbilisi Sea, which was closed when we tried to go there a while ago. Unfortunately, it was the territory of a group of stray dogs and one of them attacked Sparta. Thus, we went back into the city, back to the vet. Sparta didn’t like it at all, but he definitely needed some stitches.

Because Sparta needed a check-up on his wound on Tuesday, we weren’t able to go far from Tbilisi. Therefore, we visited  Mtskheta, Jvari Monastery and Lisi Lake. When the vet said that the wound was healing well, we could finally leave the city and go South-West, in the direction of some places that have been on our list for a long time.

Outside of the city, it really feels like corona doesn’t exist. People are curious and happy to see foreigners and nobody cares about the 2 meter rule. To show you how beautiful Georgia really is and to give you a better impression of our journey, we’ve made another movie. Wow, it feels amazing to travel again!

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