Bye bye farm!

At this very moment, we are getting ready to leave the farm we have been working on. This afternoon, we will try to find a winery that is open to visitors, but then we will head back to Tbilisi. We actually wanted to drive through the mountains and pay a visit to Telavi, the biggest city in the Kakheti region. However, a part of Tamara’s tooth came off yesterday, so she made an emergency appointment with a dentist in Tbilisi, which gave us no time to wander around this region any longer. Moreover, Sparta has an appointment with the vet on Saturday and we desperately need to find a good mechanic for the car. So, back to the city!

The last week has been pretty challenging. Temperatures are around 30 degrees during the day; at 8 o’clock it’s already too hot to have breakfast in the sun. We tried to start working as early as possible, but plans usually changed overnight, so we couldn’t start before we had been instructed. We planted many tomatoes over the last few days and yesterday we finished off with a field full of kale. Although it’s actually a little late in the season to plant vegetables, we really hope they will survive and grow into delicious crops!

Yesterday night, we had our goodbye barbecue. We have been here together with a Malaysian couple and their daughter and with a French couple and their daughter. Our German host bought some meat, we brought in a bottle of wine and the puppies were all playing around the fire. It was a lovely evening and a good way to complete our work here. Now, the final goal is to get Tiny out of this place, because we are parked in the middle of the hilly farmland!

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