The prospect of leaving the city

Even though we are getting a little fed up with this apartment and with the rain we’ve had, we are happy to be in Tbilisi. Last week, Nienke noticed that she had a bladder infection, for the first time in her life. We hoped it would heal on its own, but unfortunately, it got worse. Thus, after talking to an online doctor, we decided to look for a real doctor. Luckily, we are situated very close to a hospital and many pharmacies, so finding one wasn’t very difficult.

First, we tried the hospital. Many people here don’t really speak English, so it was a big challenge to explain what kind of doctor we needed. Finally, they told us that there was no doctor available and they were not able to tell us anything else. Next, we tried one of the pharmacies: in countries like Georgia, you can sometimes just get antibiotics without a prescription. However, when Nienke explained her problem, the woman pointed to the Urology Clinic across the street. We had seen the sign before, but weren’t sure if we could just walk in.

After telling the guy at the entrance what we needed, Nienke could go in (only with a face mask of course). Tamara wasn’t allowed to come along, so she went back to the apartment. Once inside, Nienke had to wait in line for a while. Fortunately, someone at the desk was able to speak English and he explained what she had to do. The first step was to pay 50 GEL (+/- 16 euro) at another desk. Then, a doctor on the 3rd floor could see her. He asked some questions and then sent Nienke to the 2nd floor to get an ultrasound and a urinalysis. However,  when she got there, she was both sent to the adjacent desk to pay for the test and back to the first floor to pay for the ultrasound. Interesting!

When Nienke finally got back to the 2nd floor for the ultrasound, she was invited into a small examination room. Two women were inside; one to do the ultrasound, one to put the results in the computer. The woman who did the test was able to speak English, so it was very nice to hear that nothing unusual was visible on the screen. Next, Nienke had to go to another room to ask for a plastic cup. (We’ll spare you the details…) This woman didn’t know any English, so it was a bit unclear what Nienke had to do after she handed in the cup.

Back at the 3rd floor, the doctor said that waiting for the test results would take about half an hour. It took more than an hour! When Nienke finally received the paper with the results in Georgian, she went to the 3rd floor to see the doctor again. With another patient translating, she was told that the doctor was in surgery, so she had to wait in the lobby on the first floor. More waiting! But finally, after four hours in the building, the doctor gave Nienke a prescription for antibiotics.

The next day, it was Nienke’s birthday. We had some delicious cakes for breakfast and then left the apartment to go to the city center by bike. We left Sparta with our friends, so we could explore a new part of Tbilisi. The weather wasn’t great, but we enjoyed being outside a lot. Once more, we realised: this city is amazing and definitely worth a visit!

In the afternoon, two of our new friends joined us for coffee and cake. Polly had asked what Nienke wanted for dinner, so she made a lot of delicious pancakes. Unfortunately, Nienke couldn’t drink the wine that the guests had brought (because of the antibiotics), but the chocolate mousse for dessert definitely made up for that!

All in all, it has been an interesting week. We keep ourselves pretty busy, but we long for better weather and spending more time in nature. By the way, Tamara is teaching English to a 10-year-old girl! Three times a week, online, and she’s enjoying it a lot. As corona measures are getting more flexible, we will probably be able to leave Tbilisi next week. We are looking forward to sleeping in Tiny again and getting out of the city. Tamara will continue the English lessons, so we will buy unlimited internet, but other than that we will try to limit the use of our devices.

Hopefully, our next blog will not be from Tbilisi, but from a wonderful place in a national park!

2 thoughts on “The prospect of leaving the city”

  1. Er staat vandaag een heel leuk stukje in de Barneveldse Krant, top !
    Wij vinden het super leuk om jullie reis verslag te volgen. Knap hoe jullie erin staan. Groetjes Loes en Ron Schraven. Hopelijk komen jullie goed door de Corona crisis heen 🍀🌻

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