Where do we sleep at night?

We hardly experience any stress while travelling. Or maybe it’s just a different kind of stress. It’s certainly not like we lay awake at night worrying about the next day or things that are still on our to-do list. This feeling has been really nice and quite different than what we sometimes experienced at home in our busy everyday life. Of course, there are little things to stress about, like who goes first on an intersection with no signs or will Tiny make it up this bumpy hill. But our biggest ‘worry’ these days is ‘where do we sleep tonight’.

There are days that we feel adventurous and we decide to look for a spot ourselves. We drive off the main road and just start looking for a spot that looks suitable for wild camping. We prefer a spot that is a little bit off the street, on its own, but not too remote. Usually we look for a spot close to a river, lake or the sea. This is because we often find good spots there, we like the view and for hygienic purposes: it means we can take a ‘shower’!

We do want to feel safe in a spot and sometimes this means that we will be looking for a few hours. Last night we felt adventurous too, but we didn’t have much luck. There are a lot of bars, hotels and restaurants on the seaside on Lefkas, the Island where we are now. Beside this, there are a lot of signs saying no camping is allowed. That’s why we followed some other vans. They led us to a restaurant with a private parking and that’s where we are now. We had pita Giros and Tzatziki at the restaurant and they let us spend the night for free (and use the toilet and showers). So last night we slept in a private parking, with five other campers, overlooking the beach and the Ionian Sea with a beautiful sunset. Nienke has just made us a cappuccino at the restaurant. Technically they aren’t open yet, but the guy cleaning the place told us (or we think he did, because it was all in Greek) to make our own coffee. Parking on a “P” is definitely a great option from now on!

When we don’t feel like looking for a camping spot ourselves, we use an app. There are a lot of those. Our top 3 is Park4Night, iOverlander and Campercontact.


These apps are really helpful for Overlanders! They show payed camper places, campgrounds, and free places to camp or park. Other travellers have made a pretty good description of places and the apps will also tell you what kind of amenities there are (like water, shower, toilet etc.). Travellers like us send in new reviews all the time, so you get a pretty good idea of what the place will look like at the moment. We always read the latest reviews, because sometimes things will change. Sometimes reviews tell you to ‘don’t go there, because the road is in really bad shape’. These reviews are super helpful and so we always try to add a review after we have been somewhere. Most of the places even show you pictures and some of our pictures or in the app as well. We even added some new ones, like the amazing place we found in Karlovac, Croatia. It’s on Campercontact and hopefully a lot of travellers are enjoying that wonderful place now.

Some people are not enthusiastic about wild camping and tell us to find a campground. But we don’t really understand the hassle. We don’t leave any trash and just park our van at a spot in nature for one night to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Why shouldn’t we?

We don’t always have to look for a place, since we’ve been using Workaway too. Last Tuesday we arrived in Paleros, Greece. We parked our van at a cottage, a bit up the hill and of course with a scary road again. Tiny barely made it; it really seems like these roads are our thing before getting to a new Workaway address. The place was cute, but a little outdated. The view was magnificent, the people we worked for where friendly and the animals we took care of were really cute. But the work wasn’t really what we expected and didn’t really make us happy. One night both of us were lying awake and we realised that we were actually worrying, or even a little stressed for the first time in two months. That’s why we decided to leave early. So now again, the question is: where do we sleep tonight?

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  1. Goede positieve samenvatting van het eerste Griekenlandavontuur ? Mooie foto’s, nog steeds lekker weer bij jullie zo te zien. Niet meer piekeren, geniet! Het volgende avontuur v(o)l(t)ooien ?

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