Time to say goodbye

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”

© Winnie the Pooh


The last few weeks were quite hard.

First, we had to finish all our school stuff, which was quite a bit of work, especially for Tamara. Besides, finishing the year with the students is mostly fun, but also kind of hectic. At the end of the week we both had our goodbye parties at work. That truly was the weirdest day of happiness and sadness all at once!

The next week was full of goodbyes. We had both scheduled many coffee-breaks, lunches and diners with friends and family, to spend one last moment with them. At least, for the time being… Meanwhile, there were many things that had to be arranged, like insurance, our postal address and some shopping. All in all, we rarely had one moment to rest or to talk to each other properly.

We spent our last weekend in The Netherlands with our (grand)parents. Those days were calm and full of food and hugs. Oh, by the way, there was some shopping too, since finding some essential things had proven to be hard.

On Monday morning we had only one person left to say goodbye to: Tamara’s sister Sharon. We had breakfast together, but we soon had to go to run some last errands. Sharon walked with us to the van, made some nice photos and waved us goodbye.

Although saying goodbye had been really hard, we were also happy that we could finally drive off. Like Winnie says, we are lucky to know all these amazing and loving people that we had to say goodbye to. It’s not a goodbye to last forever; we are convinced that it’s only a goodbye until we meet again.

Thanks to everyone who has been a great friend, either very close or further away. We will miss you.

Until we meet again.

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  1. Meiden zet hem op. Ben trots op jullie om een stap als deze te maken. Ga jullie zeker met veel plezier volgen.

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