Improving Tiny’s looks

On June 23rd we did a mechanic course to get to know all about Tiny’s inside. He almost didn’t fit in the garage, so fortunately we hadn’t put the roof rack on yet. The course took a whole day and it really made us feel more confident about all the things we will come across when we’re on the road. Thanks!

The next Friday Nienke took Tiny to another garage, where a metal worker converted a big roof rack into a smaller one. This was necessary, because our roof hatch was too high to put the roof rack over it. When the roof rack was put on top of Tiny, he suddenly transformed into a real overland vehicle!

The day after, Conobra made Tiny look a lot prettier! He added a world map to his left side and our logo to all sides. The colour orange was chosen because it stands out and moreover, it’s the colour of our birth country! We are really proud of our van now; please honk when you see us driving by!

The last thing we need to do is to buy a roofbox so that we are able to take our winter clothes and our ski/snowboard gear. Tiny’s garage is already filled with other stuff, so a roofbox is a must! This also means that Tiny will be taller, so we have to take that into account when we want to enter a tunnel.

Last Sunday we had to leave the campground where we had lived for ten months. Since then, we’ve parked Tiny on a farm and we are allowed to stay for a while. We now stay among sheep, goats, horses and a goose! Luckily we are already used to moving around a lot, so that will definitely not be a problem in the near future.



9 thoughts on “Improving Tiny’s looks”

  1. Nog even en dan gaat de reis voor jullie beginnen. Mooi om te zien en te lezen dat jullie iedereen op de hoogte willen houden van jullie avontuur.
    Geniet nog even van ons Oranje Kikkerland en veel plezier met jullie tour!

  2. Looking good lady’s. The van is ready to take on the world. Still impressies bij the way you are going to make thuis voyage…..

  3. Vandaag was het dan zover, de dag van jullie vertrek. Ik heb jullie als laatst mogen uitzwaaien, Hele goede reis gewenst!! En vooral veel plezier!!

  4. Topsite ik volg jullie hoor. Vandaag de eer gehad om jullie als laatst te mogen uitzwaaien!! Heel veel plezier, goede reis!!

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