Counting down the days

In less than a month we will have left the Netherlands.

We have been asked a thousand times if we’re getting nervous for our trip and yes, we are. The date of departure is getting really close now, so we’re literally counting down the days. There even have been moments in which we already had to say goodbye to people. That’s quite scary, to be honest.

Since we’ve still got so many things to do before we leave, there’s a lot on our schedule. We’re getting a bit tired of all the preparations, which means we’ll probably be relieved when we actually drive off. The last weeks we’ve been working on Tiny: he got his check-ups, new back tires, a 12 to 240 Volt inverter and some spare parts to bring with us. Last week we gave Tiny a bath and yesterday we sold his sunscreen. The next thing on the list is to add a roof rack for more storage options and to add our logo and website on the outside of the van.

In the meantime, we got new passports, we got our vaccinations, we ordered business cards and we bought goodbye-presents. A big task that’s left is to get rid of the last things we don’t need anymore. A lot of stuff needs to be tossed away, but there’s also the car, a bicycle, a coffee machine and a table with two chairs. Hopefully someone will be happy to adopt them. In addition, because we have to leave the municipality we’re currently living in, we need to arrange an official post address to be able to receive mail from the authorities. Let’s hope they won’t make a fuss about it (last time they made it quite hard).

All in all, time is moving quickly and we’ve already completed a lot of the things on our list. However, the hardest part has yet to come. Saying goodbye to our friends and family will definitely bring up many tears.

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