Time to plan

Spring break has arrived, so we have been using these last two weeks to arrange a lot of things for our journey. From April 19th, we have been living in the (huge!) house of a friend and there’s plenty of room to organise all our paperwork. Let’s tell you about what we’ve done so far.

Beforehand, we had made a list of things that needed attention. We started with what we thought was the simplest task: buying new mountainbikes! We already knew which types we wanted, since we had been searching the internet for a while. Unfortunately, the gears of the bicycle that Tamara chose weren’t functioning correctly, so we had to wait two days before another bike came in. The day after, we made a test ride and so far the mountainbikes have proven to be great!

The next thing on the list was to visit the mechanic to make an appointment for next month. Tiny, our home, hasn’t moved for over 9 months now. Therefore he has to be checked thoroughly before he hits the road again. Besides, we want to make some adjustments to the van, like putting on a roof rack and getting him some new tires.

Next, we ordered a new mattress. The one we’ve been sleeping on is still the original from 2002; it’s old and it’s full of mould from last winter. Since the slatted bed base is of the same age and has also been affected by the mould, we’ve had to find a solution for that too. Because the size of the bed is unusual, we thought that would be quite a challenge. Fortunately, we were able to pick up a second hand bed base and cut the slats in the right size. And putting them in the frame is definitely not the hardest part!

During the days, we took care of some administrative things too. We’ve made copies of our most important documents, we’ve cancelled or adjusted insurances and memberships, we’ve found out about visa and border crossings and we’ve made an appointment with the doctor for our vaccines. But most importantly, we had to write our resignation letters! They had to be turned in before May 1, to be in time for our three months notice.

All in all, these weeks have been busy. We have also been sleeping a lot though, so getting back to work shouldn’t be that bad. Only nine more weeks to go!

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