‘Hi there, We are Nienke (29) and Tamara (34), two girls from the Netherlands. Starting July 15th we will leave the life as we used to know it and start our trip around the world. Our first stop will be Slovenia where we would love to have our first workaway experience.’

This is how we’ve started our first message to a Workaway host on We were extremely nervous to hit the ‘send’ button, since we’ve never contacted anyone this way before. It’s been two weeks now and unfortunately the host has never replied… so we’ll have to search for another project that makes our hearts flutter. 

The plan is to start driving on July 15. In two or three days we’ll travel to Slovenia, where we want to work in a Workaway project for one or two weeks. Then we’ll move on to Croatia, but since it’ll be high season, we probably won’t stay there long. For some reason I’ve really wanted to visit the city of Sarajevo for a while, so the next country on our list is Bosnia. Next, there’s Montenegro and Albania, but so far we haven’t made plans for those countries. In October we will be in Greece and we’ve been really looking forward to that, because inland’s nature is said to be amazing. Besides spending some time on the road, we also want to look for a Workaway project there. For example, we’d love to milk cows or help out in a vineyard! 

By the beginning of November, we need to be in Istanbul. My (Nienke’s) dream is to run the Istanbul half marathon, where part of the route leads over the bridge from Asia to Europe. Although we’ll actually be travelling in the other direction, it seems like the perfect way to start our journey through Asia. And other than that, Istanbul is a place where we would really like to spend hours exploring the city. 

And then winter comes… and that is certainly not our favourite season. Apart from skiing and snowboarding, which we love very much, we really detest cold weather and rain. Therefore, we either plan to stay in the warmer parts of Turkey or travel to Georgia to help out on a farm/in a hostel/with anything (as long as we can spend the cold nights there too). From there on, the cultures we meet will be different from what we’ve ever seen before, so that’s really exciting! 

All and all, planning is going well. Time is moving fast, so it doesn’t take long before we really need to say goodbye. Although we’re getting quite scared sometimes, we’re most of all very excited!

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