Home sweet campground

The summer holiday has ended, so from now on we permanently live on a campground and have to go to work from there. Some co-workers even asked us why we were still at school: “didn’t you go to Asia?!”

Well, not yet. We will stay on the campground till at least the end of May and we told our bosses that we’ll most likely finish this year at school. During these months Tiny can prove its worth: will he keep us warm in winter, won’t we need more space to move around and importantly, will he start running again when we’ll begin our journey? Besides trying out our tiny house, we can save a lot of money by living on the campground. The place is quite cheap, we don’t need to pay road taxes for Tiny and there are no other costs we need to pay while living here.

In the two weeks we’ve been here so far, we set up our tent and moved ‘all’ our stuff. The tent in front of Tiny is about 10 square meters and we made it feel like our living room: it has a couch, a chair, a side table and a rug on the floor. We put candles on the table and lights on the roof, so we’re able to sit there at night too. We even had a little fish! Its name was Big and it had really pretty orange fins and a grey body, but unfortunately he died after 12 days…

Outside, we’ve put a hammock between the trees and set up a table and some chairs. Also, our bicycles are standing against a tree, we have a fire bowl for campfires and there’s a bird house that looks like an old VW van.

To go to work, Tamara has to ride her bike for about 10 minutes. At Tuesdays and Thursdays she puts on her running shoes and runs to school. It’s only 3 kilometers. Nienke can either go to work by car or by train. Both take about 40 minutes to get there. It’s really convenient to have a train station (Gilze-Rijen) nearby! One day we went to Tilburg to have diner and Nienke has already been to friends in Amsterdam and Barendrecht.

We feel truly happy to be here. It’s small, we don’t own a dishwasher, we have to walk 100 meters to go to the restroom and when it’s cold we need to put on an extra sweater, but it definitely feels like home. It’s really great to be outside all the time and to be able to smell the fresh air.

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  1. Wauw girls! Great adventure! Super knap en gaaf dat jullie deze stap zetten! Proves that if you have each other you dont need much more!

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