Bye bye house [VLOG]

Our first VLOG! And yes, I admit, it does need some more practicing.

A co-worker at Nienkes school recommended an Olympus Tough for making vlogs and action videos. After spending some hours comparing digital cameras, we decided to try it out. The camera can also be used under water, tracks wherever you go and it doesn’t mind bumping into things. The first video we took, is the vlog you can see below. However, we were really disappointed about the gigantic wide angle, which makes the walls look circular in stead of straight. For videos that might not be such a big problem, but for photos it’s definitely not pretty.

So, after a while we decided to return the Olympus to the store. Today a new camera was delivered: a Sony Cybershot. This camera should be great for taking quality photos, but is also a great vlog camera. However, we probably need to be much more careful with the Cybershot, since it cannot swim and its body looks quite delicate…

P.s. We still need to learn how to put English subtitles under our vlogs…

One thought on “Bye bye house [VLOG]”

  1. Kijk eens wat liever 😉
    Koop een selfiestick voor de camera 😉
    Zorg voor een meldingssysteem bij nieuwe updates op de website 😉
    Leuke vlog hoor.. Heul veul succes in jullie nieuwe onderkomen!!!!


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