Another car boot sale

With only one more month to go before we have to move out of our house, we went to sell another load of our stuff. The car boot sale was in our own town, so we put all the boxes in Tiny’s belly and drove him to the market square across the street.

The weather was amazing, so the first hour after we parked under two trees, we enjoyed the sun and waited for the signal to unload the car. And wow, we had just started to get the boxes out and people were already all over our stuff! This was going to be a crazy day…

In the picture you can see Tamara standing in front of Tiny, with our self-made promo board in its back door. During the day, many people were asking about our trip. They were very curious, which was awesome! Some even had some practical tips to share.

We sold many books, all the bigger things (bar stool, lounger, juice presser, screen, hair dryer), some small things and half of the jewelry we’d put on a display. The last hour was pretty quiet and it was starting to get dark, but we stayed until the very end.

By now, our house is getting quite empty, although we still have a lot of work to do before we leave. In two weeks we will have to say goodbye to our two cats, Sem & Lucky, who will be adopted by a great family nearby. Then we’ll have the last two weeks to get rid of the last furniture and fill up the holes in the walls.

It’s getting really close now!


One thought on “Another car boot sale”

  1. Amazing! Love to keep following u 2 around!
    Wat een stap! Succes met het afscheid, succes met de voorbereidingen!!

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