It’s all starting to take shape

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been turning our house upside down to sort out all our stuff. There’s one pile that goes directly into the waste bin. The next pile is crammed into boxes for upcoming flea markets. And the last pile, the most important but smaller pile, is to keep. Only the most essential and valuable belongings will remain.

In nine weeks from now, we’ll move out of our house. Tiny is patiently waiting for us to move in. However, a lot has to happen until that moment and I’m convinced that the time will fly by.

While reading a fabulous book from two Argentineans who travelled all the way to Alaska in an 1928 car, I came across a part that totally blew my mind.

“The education of your parents and their treatment of you is very important, as is your own schooling and the society in which you grow up. That aside, you can’t blame them for your way of life and your failures. You have the intelligence to change what is necessary, to be what you want to be. If you are a person who doesn’t fit in the world that surrounds you, if you feel uncomfortable doing what you like, and everyone looks at you like a frog from another pond, that’s how it is: that’s not your place. Nevertheless, don’t change, look for another pond, find your place, where the world that surrounds you is your world. Only you are responsible for yourself, don’t look for excuses among others.”

So, that’s what we’ll do. We’ll find our place, our pond.

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